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Summer in Melbourne,FL: Where to Go

If you plan on spending the summer in Melbourne, FL, then you need to be ready for the heat. However, the heat doesn't need to ruin your vacation. Melbourne is a beautiful place in the summer if you know where to go. This summer, check out these spots and keep cool.

1. The Beach

While this might seem obvious, many people overlook the beach in the summer. They let the heat intimidate them from going outdoors. However, there's no reason to stay indoors. The beach remains cool on the warmest of summer days. Usually, there is a cool breeze to drop tree temperature. Additionally, you can provide your own shade with a beach umbrella. Hop in the water to cool off, and you'll be enjoying your summer in Melbourne, FL.

2. Splash Pad

There's nothing like a splash pad to keep you cool in the summer. When the temperatures get too hot for you, head to a local splash pad. Several of the area parks feature fountains for the kids to play in. You might be tempted to join them in the fountain!

3. Movie Theater

When you can't beat the heat, cool off in a movie theater. There are many great movie theaters in the area. Head to a theater near your Melbourne, FL hotel and give yourself a break from the sun. After you cool off, you might be ready to hit the beach.

Summer in Melbourne, FL

This summer, explore Melbourne, FL. There is plenty to do and plenty to see. Instead of hiding from the heat, enjoy yourself. Contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn and we can help keep you cool. Your summer in Melbourne, FL can be unforgettable.


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