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Everything You Should Know About the Kennedy Space Center

With summer approaching, it’s a good opportunity to learn about some of the indoor attractions near Melbourne, FL. The Kennedy Space Center is one such attraction. Here’s everything you should know about the Space Center.

What to Expect

The Kennedy Space Center is one of the most exciting attractions near Melbourne, FL. While most people know about the occasional NASA launches at the space center, few people realize that the center has other attractions.

The center is one of only ten NASA field centers. Since 1968, the center has been sending astronauts into space. It was the facility responsible for Apollo, Skylab, and the Space Shuttle. Located only an hour from Melbourne Beach, the Space Center gives you a front row seat to space excitement.

If you want to learn about the past, present, and future of space, then the Kennedy Space Center is the place to be. The Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit showcases the shuttle. You can view over 60 exhibits highlighting the accomplishments of astronauts and their missions.

Another unique experience is the shuttle launch. You can put yourself in the shoes of an astronaut and learn what it feels like to launch into space. Although it’s only a virtual launch, it feels real. For a glimpse of the future, you can go to the IMAX Theatre. While there, you can learn about future goals and plans of NASA.

Visiting Kennedy Space Center

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