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Five Things to See in Melbourne, FL

If you’re looking for some fun in Melbourne, FL, then you have many options. There is a long list of fun events and activities in the area. Find out about these five things to see in Melbourne, FL.

1. Camp Holly Airboat Rides

These air boat rides give you an opportunity to view the swamps of the area. Take a ride through the mangroves and explore one of the most unique ecosystems.

2. The Brevard Zoo

If you’re more interested in finding exotic animals, then head to the Brevard Zoo. The zoo is very well-maintained and boasts a collection of many different animals.Throughout the year, there are many fun events.

3. Melbourne Beach Pier

If you like the water, then you will love the Melbourne Beach Pier. Head to the pier at night and spend the evening watching the waves and the water. During the day, explore the beach.

4. Mallards Landing Golf Course

One of the best things to do in Melbourne, FL is Mallards Landing Golf Course. The course is challenging enough for the most experienced of golfers. However, it’s also appropriate for novices.

5. Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

The Liberty Bell is located in Philadelphia. However, there is a full size replica of the bell at this museum. If you’ve never seen it, then this is your chance.

More Things to See in Melbourne, FL

There are many other things to see in Melbourne, FL. To explore them all, stay with us at the Melbourne All-Suites Inn. Contact us and book your room today.


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