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The Best New Restaurants near Melbourne, FL


The dining options in Melbourne are constantly evolving. Every year, there are new restaurants coming and going on the scene. Find out about the top new restaurants near Melbourne, FL that you should know about.

1. 87 Main Street Spirits

This restaurant opened in 2017, but it’s still relatively new to the dining scene. Don’t let its novelty fool you - this is one restaurant that knows what it’s doing. Its serves up classy dishes, like Burgundy Beef Tips and Seared Tuna. You can get classic appetizers like ceviche and french onion soup. Everything at 87 Main Street Spirits is delicious and refined. Their cocktails also deserve a mention

2. The Seafood Station

The Seafood Station isn’t your typical high-end restaurant. Instead, it’s an eatery that offers you an option to dine-in. There’s a limited seating area and the eatery serves up drinks like wine and beer. Although the food isn’t fancy, it’s delicious. You can get baskets of fish with potatoes, corn, or sausage.

3. Sage Bistro

Having opened in 2016, Sage Bistro made it through the first couples of years successfully. It’s no surprise why. The Cape Canaveral restaurant has it all. The food is very fresh and the menu is unique. Everything is done with a twist. If you’re looking for something new and fresh, head here.

New Restaurants near Melbourne, FL

When you get a hotel in Melbourne, FL, you get an opportunity to explore some great dining options. Contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn and enjoy your stay with us.

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