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Live Music in Melbourne, FL: Slightly Stoopid

There is an abundance of great live music in Melbourne, FL. This July, there is an exciting musical performance occurring at Cocoa Riverfront Park. Slightly Stoopid will be performing with two other artists to create some show-stopping music. Find out all about the event.

About Slightly Stoopid’s Show

Slightly Stoopid will be performing on Sunday, July 15 at 5:30 pm at the Cocoa Riverfront Park. If you haven’t heard of the band, then you should become familiar with their work. The California group has a reggae sound that embodies the Florida lifestyle. If you’re looking for a relaxing evening near the beach with great music, then Slightly Stoopid delivers.

There will also be other performances during the show. As a reggae-influenced rock band, Pepper has a somewhat similar style to Slightly Stoopid. However, their sound is one that ska, pop, and reggae fans all love. They’re originally from Hawaii. However, they’ve performed many shows in the continental United States. For years, they've been wowing crowds.

Finally, Stick Figure will also be performing. The band is a one-of-a-kind combination of reggae and dub. When they perform live music in Melbourne, FL, you can expect to enjoy yourself.

Experiencing Live Music in Melbourne, FL

There are many opportunities for experiencing live music in Melbourne, FL. The first chance to enjoying the music is booking your hotel in Melbourne, FL. Contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn and book your stay today. We can provide you with a comfortable and convenient place to stay during your vacation.


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