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Melbourne, FL Events: Band to the Bone


If you like live music, then you’ll love visiting Melbourne. Throughout the summer, there are many musical Melbourne, FL events. One such event is the Band to the Bone Concert. Find out all about the exciting event.

What is Band to the Bone?

Band to the Bone is a concert performed by the Melbourne Municipal Band. The concert will take place on Wednesday, August 1 at the Melbourne Auditorium. Located on Hibiscus Boulevard, the auditorium is a conveniently located venue. Doors will open at 5:30 pm. However, the Municipal Band will not begin their performance until 6:30.

The concert is free and there are no tickets necessary. During the concert, you will get to see Bill Ferris perform as a soloist in Over the Rainbow. You will also get to see Alan Moss perform a solo during Slidin’ Down the Mississippi and 76 Trombones. As key members of the trombone section, these musicians can deliver quite a show.

Before the show, the Summer Youth Band will perform. Their performance begins at 5:30. Although the concert is not in the park, you’re encouraged to bring a picnic. It’s part of the Not-In-The-Park Summer Picnic series. There will also be food, drinks, and snacks sold at the concession stand.

Enjoying Melbourne, FL Events

If you plan on enjoying this or any other Melbourne, FL events, then contact us. Here at the Melbourne All Suites Inn, we can make your vacation special.


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