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Events in Melbourne, FL: Trivia Night at the Iron Oak Post

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

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Events in Melbourne, FL: Trivia Night at the Iron Oak Post

There are many interesting regular events in Melbourne, FL. Trivia night is one such event. When you head to the Iron Oak Post on Wednesdays, you can participate in their popular trivia night and learn why trivia should be your next hobby.

When Is It?

Trivia Night at the Iron Oak Post begins at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays. It’s a recurring event that will continue until December, 26th. Before you go, you should call the venue to make sure that they haven’t changed the time or day.

This is a prime example of the unique events in Melbourne, FL. During the event, a host will ask trivia teams questions about pop culture. The questions cover everything from movies to music.

About the Venue

The Iron Oak Post is a tavern and venue in the heart of Melbourne, FL. Although the entertainment is reason enough to go to the venue, the beer selection is the real reason for its popularity. The venue had beers from various local and non-local breweries.

One of the more unique offerings on the beer menu includes “One Time At Band Camp. The beer is a sour Berliner Weisse with 5.5% ABV. The Hidden Springs Ale Works of Tampa, FL is the owner of the creation. When you go for trivia night, be sure to order a beer or two.

Staying in Melbourne, FL?

Whether you plan on attending this or other events in Melbourne, FL, contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn. Stay with us and you can rest up at a comfortable and convenient hotel in Melbourne, FL.


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