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The Best Thai Food in Melbourne, FL

Thai Food Melbourne

The Best Thai Food in Melbourne, FL

Melbourne, FL boasts many cuisines. If you’re looking for thai food in Melbourne, FL, then you have a few options. Check out the best local Thai restaurants to satisfy your cravings.

1. Thai Hana Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Located on Colonnade Avenue, Thai Hana serves up authentic Thai cuisine. You can order dishes like sashimi, tom ka chicken, and more. Other traditional dishes include fried banana and peanut salad.

2. Thai Kitchen

At Thai Kitchen, you can find traditional dishes like phat thai and thom yum chicken. However, the restaurant also serves fusion food, like thai sandwiches.

3. Banzai Sushi & Thai

You don’t need to travel far for fresh sushi and Thai in Melbourne. At Banzai, you get fresh fish and authentic dishes. Get your fill of seafood with the spicy salmon dish. Or, you can try something different with the duck curry.

4. Thai Thai Restaurant

Like many of the other Thai restaurants in the area, Thai Thai does not disappoint. Located on North Wickham Road, this restaurant has a convenient location. It gives you access to traditional cuisine whenever the craving hits.

5. Asian Gourmet Restaurant

Asian Gourmet doesn’t only serve Thai food. However, their Thai dishes do impress the taste buds. If you want to be impressed, order the tofu and veggies in black bean sauce.

Enjoying the Thai Food in Melbourne, FL

If you’re visiting Melbourne, then you should head to one of these restaurants for an unforgettable meal. Contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn and start planning your vacation today.


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