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Melbourne, FL Activities: Meet an Astronaut

Melbourne, FL Activities: Meet an Astronaut

In your childhood, did you ever dream of meeting an astronaut? Now, you might have the opportunity to do so. At the Kennedy Space Center, you get the chance to meet with a real astronaut. It’s one of the Melbourne, FL activities that can change your life.

About the Event

Between October 1 and October 6, you can meet astronaut Sam Gemar. The event runs from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Admission costs between $40 and $50.

Every day of the year, you get the chance to meet with a genuine NASA astronaut. During the first week of October, that astronaut happens to be Sam Gemar. The space traveler has been on three Space Shuttle missions. He orbited the earth 385 times and logged just under 600 hours of space travel. During this event, you can learn all about his experiences away from this planet.

What to Expect

During the event, you can join in on a Q&A session. Both children and adults can learn what it takes to explore space.

If you’re looking to learn a little more about space exploration, you can explore the Kennedy Space Station. Learn about the history of space travel and explore an interactive exhibit. Whether you’re a child or adult, the experience can be one that you remember forever.

Enjoying the Melbourne, FL Activities

If you plan on enjoying the Melbourne, FL activities, contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn. Book your stay with us and be sure to visit the Space Station.


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