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What Makes Melbourne, FL a Great Winter Destination?

What Makes Melbourne, FL a Great Winter Destination?

Choosing your winter destination is no easy task. With an abundance of great options throughout the US, there is a long list to consider. However, Melbourne, FL belongs at the top of that list. Find out why.

1. It’s Warm

As if you needed any other motivation! In the winter, Melbourne, FL still maintains a comfortable temperature. In fact, the winter weather tends to be better than the summer weather. You can leave your winter jackets and long pants home. When you visit Melbourne in the winter, you get warm weather.

2. The Beach

Although there are many other winter destinations with beaches, Melbourne stands out. The city is on a long coastline studded with great beaches. At the nearby Cocoa Beach, you can lay in the pristine sand and look out at the clear water. It’s like nowhere else in the world.

3. It’s Good for You

In the winter, many people suffer from depression. There are two natural ways to combat that depression, and Melbourne makes it easy to do both.

First, you can fight off the depression that is often caused by a lack of Vitamin D. Being in the sun boosts your body’s Vitamin D production. Fortunately, Melbourne had enough sun to keep you happy.

Another way to fight depression is to stay active. When you’re on vacation in Melbourne, FL, you can do just that. There are plenty of walking and jogging trails. Additionally, all of the water sports can keep you moving.

Ready to Book Your Winter Destination?

If you’re ready to book your winter destination, contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn. Stay with us and escape from the coming winter.


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