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The Best Hamburger in Melbourne, FL


The Best Hamburger in Melbourne, FL

If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne, you can prepare yourself for some great food. Although you can find some exotic cuisine in the area, you can also find some traditional American fare. Learn where you can get the best hamburger in Melbourne, FL.

1. The Burger Inn

There is no single place for the best hamburger in Melbourne, FL. However, the Burger Inn does not disappoint. Located on N Harbour City Boulevard, this restaurant has a convenient location. It also has some burgers that can make your mouth water.

This isn’t a fancy burger joint. Instead, it’s pretty simple. You get a burger in its purest form. No matter which burger your order, it’s bound to be pleasing.

2. Kelly’s Burgers and Beer

At Kelly’s Burgers and Beer, you can get your burger with a side of music. In addition to serving up some tasty burgers and beer, the restaurant often features live entertainment.

The food at Kelly’s is a fresh as it gets. The meet is of good quality and the toppings are always the perfect complement. For a burger and side that checks all the boxes, head to Kelly’s.

3. Coasters Pub & Biergarten

Coasters Pub is a restaurant that features great burgers and great beer. Although you can order dishes like shrimp and grits, you might not want to pass on the burger.

Visiting Melbourne, FL

If you plan on visiting Melbourne, FL, head to a place with the best hamburger. After your meal, stay with us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn. Book your room today.


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