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Outdoor Activities in Melbourne, FL: Erna Nixon Park

Erna Nixon Park

Outdoor Activities in Melbourne, FL: Erna Nixon Park

This winter, you can enjoy some of the outdoor activities in Melbourne, FL. Erna Nixon Park is one park in the area that can provide you with hours of entertainment. Find out why you should visit this park on your next vacation.

What Is Erna Nixon Park?

Erna Nixon Park is a large park with over 53 acres of green space. The name of the park comes from naturalist Erna Nixon.

In the park, you can view the unique vegetation. Walk down one of the nature trails or stop for a picnic. If you go at the right time, you might be able to participate in a community event.

Specifically, the Moonlight Stroll is an event that draws quite a crowd. While you take in the starry night sky, you can listen to love music and enjoy some food.

If you visit during the day, you should be sure to check out the elevated boardwalk. The 3,000 foot boardwalk takes you through a Florida hammock. You can find unique animals, like gopher tortoises and indigo snakes. There are plenty of birds, so bring your binoculars.

After you explore the trails, you can check out the visitor’s center. There, you can find exhibits and restrooms. If you plan on making a day of it, bring a picnic lunch.

Enjoying Outdoor Activities in Melbourne, FL

If you want to enjoy outdoor activities in Melbourne, FL, contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn. Stay with us and book your vacation in paradise.


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