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Space Coast Tourism is on the Rise

Space Coast Tourism is on the Rise

It’s no secret that the Space Coast is a popular tourist destination. However, it’s not a well-known fact that tourism in the area is on the rise. According to recent research, tourism in the area is rising.

STR Inc. did an analysis on tourism on the Space Coast. Their research showed that the most popular time of the year for Space Coast Tourism is spring break. It also showed a positive outlook for tourism.

According to several local businesses, this year is expected to be a busy year for the Space Coast. It’s likely that tourism will only continue to increase over time. The local industry has consistently grown since 2014.

There’s no single reason for the growth. However, it’s likely that the cruise industry has played a major role. Port Canaveral is a large cruise hub. Before and after their cruises, passengers often stay in surrounding areas like Melbourne.

Find Out for Yourself

If you want proof of the thriving industry, head to Cocoa Beach yourself. You can see throngs of tourists and locals alike sunning themselves on the beach. It’s easy to see why the area draws so many people.

Fortunately, the area is well-equipped to handle the tourism. Brevard County allocates plenty of many to tourism projects. Additionally, local businesses are always ready to handle a rush of tourists. The area has managed to develop without losing what makes it special - the beachy vibe.

If you’re ready to check out Space Coast tourism for yourself, contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn. Book your room today and explore Melbourne and surrounding areas.


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