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Preparing for a Melbourne, FL Road Trip

Preparing for a Melbourne, FL Road Trip

Many people use Melbourne as a vacation destination. Often, they make day trips to places like Disney World and Universal Studios. If you’re planning a Melbourne, FL road trip, there are a few ways you can make your travels more comfortable. Find out what you can do to make your trip more enjoyable.

1. Bring Snacks

Whether your Melbourne, FL road trip is two hours or 20 hours, you should pack some snacks. You can use snacks as a reward for your children, or as a way to keep hunger pains away.

Bringing snacks can also save you time. Instead of stopping at multiple gas stations for nourishment, you can drive past them. Just be sure to bring car-friendly snacks. Stick to foods that are easy to eat.

2. Make Some Stops

Florida is home to some interesting roadside attractions. To break up your trip, don’t hesitate to stop at some of those attractions. For instance, Melbourne has a 15 foot juice stand that was built in the 60’s. Although it is not active today, the giant orange is an interesting photo opportunity.

3. Plan Ahead

Before you start your road trip, do some planning. Consider your entertainment options, such as movies and music for the car ride. You should also plan your potential stops and consider the traffic patterns. By planning ahead, you can prevent delays and child meltdowns.

Making a Melbourne, FL Road Trip

Whether you’re driving to Melbourne or headed out for a day trip, your road trip can be a memorable one. Contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn for more information on staying with us.

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