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Melbourne, FL Attractions: Airboat Rides

Melbourne, FL Attractions: Airboat Rides

When most people think of Melbourne, they think of warm weather and beaches. But Melbourne is much more than great weather and beautiful beaches. It’s also home to some unique nature. In one of the more adventurous Melbourne, FL attractions, you can enjoy the local environment. Learn all about what to expect on an airboat ride - a chance to check out wildlife and vegetation of the area.

What Is an Airboat Ride?

An airboat is a shallow boat that is powered by an aircraft’s motor. Due to its shallow profile, the boat is ideal for navigating through swampy areas. You don’t need to worry about getting stuck in the mud. Because the engine is above the surface of the water, you also don’t have the risk of becoming tangled in branches or vegetation.

On an airboat ride tour, you can ride on an airboat under the guidance of an experienced captain. In addition to driving the boat, the captain also educates you on the local wildlife. As you tour the swampy area, you might come across some unique animals. Typically, guests are most excited to come across alligators.

Airboating in Melbourne

If you go on an airboat ride in Melbourne, you’re likely to come across an alligator or two. You might make your way down the St. John River, where there is an abundance of wildlife.

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