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New Restaurants in Melbourne, FL: Continental Flambe Reopens

New Restaurants in Melbourne, FL: Continental Flambe Reopens

There are many new restaurants in Melbourne, FL, but few of them have had a history like Continental Flambe. After opening in 1996, the restaurant had great success. But the owners parted ways and the restaurant eventually shut down.

Now, former owner Ratib Ahmad has reopened in downtown Melbourne. When someone approached him about bringing the restaurant back, Ahmad jumped at the chance. On January 4th, the restaurant reopened.

Although many new customers visit the restaurant, there are some former guests. The restaurant was popular for its prix fixe menu, and it is quickly regaining its popularity. In addition to its prix fixe options, the restaurant was well-known for its crepes. They once again draw in the crowd.

While the Continental Flambe has kept some of its former menu, the restaurant is also evolving. Ahmad listens to guest suggestions and is changing the menu as necessary. He also plans to bring back the open front kitchen that guests once loved. For now, the establishment shares a main kitchen with 321 Tapas.

If you haven’t tried this one of the new restaurants in Melbourne, FL, you should consider checking it out. Ahmad worked under Jean Louis Pallidin at the Watergate Hotel. In 1990, he managed a restaurant in Cape Canaveral. After the Continental Flambe closed, he opened several other local eateries.

There are many unique items on the menu. If you want to try European cooking in a great atmosphere, you should visit the Continental Flambe. You should also contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn. Give us a call and book your room today.


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