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Events in Melbourne, FL: The Space Coast Seafood & Music Festival

Events in Melbourne, FL: The Space Coast Seafood & Music Festival

In Melbourne, FL, you have many options for good seafood. But there’s one event that brings all of the seafood to you - the Space Coast Seafood & Music Festival. Learn what makes this one of the events in Melbourne, FL you don’t want to miss.

What is It?

The Space Coast Seafood & Music Festival is a festival that celebrates the food and music that makes Brevard County great. This year, the event occurs on March 7th through 10th in the Space Coast Daily Park.

In the past, the event had the name of the Port Canaveral Seafood and Music Festival. But over the years, the event has grown to represent the Space Coast as a whole. The festival features an abundance of seafood, most of which comes from the local waters. There will also be flight entertainment, an arts and crafts show, and a kids area. Kids can enjoy a bounce house as well as various games and entertainment.

To celebrate the rich maritime history of the area, the festival will have a pirate festival and parade. Both children and adults can enjoy this one of the more unique events in Melbourne, FL.

Visiting the Festival

Vendors and visitors travel from across the US to attend the festival. Here at the Melbourne All Suites Inn, we want to help you enjoy the event. If you are one of the ten first reservations for 03/7-03/10, you receive 50% off your third night. Contact us to book your vacation today, and you can enjoy the festival.

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