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Melbourne, FL Activities: Backyard Games and Eatery

Backyard Games and Eatery

Melbourne, FL Activities: Backyard Games and Eatery

Whether you’re on vacation with your family or your friends, you should consider checking out the Backyard Games and Eatery. The venue is a great place to go for some indoor entertainment in Melbourne. Find out what you can see when you visit the indoor game venue.

What is the Backyard Games and Eatery?

The Backyard Games and Eatery is a venue for entertainment. If you took all of your favorite outdoor games and put them inside one room, you’d get the Backyard. The venue has bocce ball, shuffleboard, corn hole, billiards, and darts.

But the entertainment center is about more than fun and games. It’s also about eating and drinking. They sell a variety of appetizers, which is ideal for any get together. Additionally, they sell sandwiches, pizza, and more. The menu is very kid-friendly with dishes like chili and pretzel sticks. Even their sandwiches are for the whole family, with options like turkey and barbecue chicken.

If you’re in the mood for an adult beverage, you can drink either beer or wine. The kids can have a smoothie or a soft drink.

Where is It?

The Backyard is located in Adventure HQ and 321 Escape Rooms. If you visit just for the food and drinks, you can sit at one of the tables. But you can get a private seating area if you rent a lane. You can rent lanes for bocce ball, shuffleboard, or cornhole.

Participating in Melbourne, FL Activities

Do you want to enjoy some time indoors while you’re in Melbourne, FL? If so, you should head to the Backyard. You can also head back to your Melbourne, FL hotel. Contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn for more information


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