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Attractions in Melbourne, FL: Tank America

Tank America

Attractions in Melbourne, FL: Tank America

If you’re tired of doing the same attractions in Melbourne, FL, head over to Tank America. The venue features several activities, one of which allows you to play tactical laser tag.

What is Tank America?

Tank America is like an amusement park for those who want to experience adventure. One of the most popular attractions is tactical laser tag. In this interesting take on laser tag, you are given some realistic armor and laser firearms. There is noise and recoil, which mimics a real gun.

As you play, you can hear airplanes flying and bombs exploding around you. The makers of this park attempted to make the experience as realistic as possible.

For another realistic experience, you can try driving a tank. Tank America sells packages that allow you to take tank driving lessons. If you book one of their more expensive packages, you can use your tank to crush a car and make your way through an obstacle course.

This attraction is on about 35 acres of land. With plenty of jungle-like land, Tank America tries to give visitors the experience of being in a combat zone. The laser tag occurs inside an air-conditioned space, which is carefully decorated to give participants a realistic experience.

Attractions in Melbourne, FL

There are many different attractions in Melbourne, FL. While this one may not be for everyone, it is certainly unique. It gives you a chance to step out of everyday life and try something new. Contact us at the Melbourne All Suites in and book your room today. Then, you can try one of the exciting attractions.


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