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Fun Attractions in Melbourne, FL: Indoor Skydiving

Fun Attractions in Melbourne, FL: Indoor Skydiving

Do you love adventure? If so, there’s one Melbourne attraction you don’t want to miss - skydiving. At iFly, you can simulate the skydiving experience without stepping foot out of a plane. Learn more about this one of the fun attractions in Melbourne, FL.

What is Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving isn’t just a simulation of the real thing. You don’t sit in a chair and watch a screen as you pretend to jump out of a plane. Instead, you get to live the real experience from the safety of a controlled environment. You go in a wind tunnel and feel the air rush against you. Although it’s safer than traditional skydiving, it still gives you an adrenaline rush.

It all starts with an orientation. First, you learn how to fly. An instructor will teach you all of the skydiving basics. Additionally, they will tell you what to expect from the experience.

Then, you’ll put on the gear. You must wear a flight suit and a helmet. Finally, you can begin the flight experience. The instructor takes you to the wind tunnel and accompanies you inside. As you fly, they remain by your side. They give you a private lesson and show you some of the basics of human flight.

About iFly

If you want to experience indoor flight, you can head to iFly in Orlando. It’s only about an hour away from Melbourne, and the experience is well-worth the drive. Start planning your experience today. Contact us at Melbourne All Suites Inn and you can book your hotel room.


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