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Music in Melbourne, FL: Harbor City Sound

Harbor City Sound

Music in Melbourne, FL: Harbor City Sound

There is plenty of great music in Melbourne, FL. While some bands play their own music, others specialize in playing covers. If you’re looking for a great cover band, you should check out Harbor City Sound. Learn more about the band and what they do.

The History Harbor City Sound

Harbor City Sound is a band that consists of four people. They are a cover band that came together in 2016. When they play, they highlight songs from the 19670’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today. However, they also have original songs and plan on playing those songs in future performances, along with their covers.

Amanada Azar, Mark Talbert, Boris Goranovic, and Mike DeRoche are all part of the band. They’ve played in many different venues and always put on a memorable show. One of their regular venues is Crickets Spirits Sports & Food. Located in Melbourne, the venue is the perfect place for a fun evening. The food is good, the drinks are always flowing, and the acoustics make for a great show.

Of course, the band also appears at other venues. You can often find them at the local festivals and events. In fact, you may have seen them appear at one of the bars or events in the area.

Enjoying the Nightlife of Melbourne

If you’re ready to start enjoying the nightlife of Melbourne, FL, contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn. Book your room today and you can start deciding where you want to go to listen to live music and other forms of entertainment.


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