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3 Deep Sea Fishing Tips for Melbourne, FL

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

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Melbourne, FL is located on the beautiful coastline. While you’re visiting the area, you should be sure to appreciate that coastline by going deep-sea fishing. But before you go, find out three things you should know about deep sea fishing in Melbourne, FL.

1. You Could Get Seasick

Deep sea fishing takes place in deep water, and sometimes that water can be rough. There’s a chance that you could become seasick as you venture out to your destination or when you’re anchored at a fishing spot. Fortunately, you can prevent seasickness with some Dramamine. Be sure to pack some before you get out on the water.

2. It’s More Active Than Traditional Fishing

Out in the deep ocean, fish tend to be bigger and stronger. This makes deep sea fishing more active of a sport than shore fishing. When you have your pole in the water, you need to be ready to hold tight if a big fish comes along. If you do get a bite, you might need to struggle to reel it in. That said, the struggle is often worth it.

3. You Might See a Shark

One of the most exciting parts of deep-sea fishing is the opportunity to see unique marine animals. For instance, you have a good chance of seeing a shark. In fact, your captain may be able to help you hook a shark.

If you haven’t made plans to go deep-sea fishing in Melbourne, FL, it’s time to book your vacation. Call us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn to book your room today.

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