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4 Pax Tracks Suite Case Packing Hacks!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Are you leaving packing for your vacation to the last minute?

Our Pax Pro Packing Tips will cover all the quick and easy tricks for packing for your business trip or vacation. If you've experienced your shampoo exploding in your suitcase, you know how horrible it is to clean up that mess. Stop just throwing everything in your suitcase and finally achieve the packing organization that influencers achieve!

Packing Tip 1: Tips for organizing your suitcase. First, you'll want to fold your clothes most optimally. Our biggest tip to fit all your clothes in your suitcase is to fold and roll. This folding technique will leave you with plenty of space and will make it easier to find the articles of clothing you are looking for. Not to mention it will save your shirts from getting too wrinkled! No worries if they are a little wrinkled because at Melbourne All Suites Inn, each of our award-winning two-room suites has an iron and ironing board in every room and some space to hang up those easily wrinkled shirts. In our tips video, you'll see that we fold and roll our shirts, place them at separate ends of the suitcase then lay our pants on top of each other to create more flat space!

Packing Tip 2: Do you hate when your collar on your shirt gets mangled and wrinkled? We've got an excellent packing tip for you! Roll up a belt and place it on the inside of the collar once folded.

Packing Tip 3: Traveling with your favorite ballet shoes? Don't let your soft shoe get swished in your luggage! Our packing tip is to roll up the socks you are taking and place them on the inside toe part of your shoes for a squish and crease-free shoe.

Packing Tip 4: Don't forget your shampoo, accessories, and headphones! If you're interested in seeing these cool and easy packing tips check out our video 4 Pax Travel Hacks! over on our YouTube Channel!

Happy Packing, and if you're ever traveling to Melbourne, FL, check out The Melbourne All Suites Inn Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice award winner of 2020! And book direct to receive up to 15% off our award-winning two-room suites!

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