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Attractions in Melbourne, FL: Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

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Attractions in Melbourne, FL: Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

Located on Oak Street in Melbourne, FL, the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum is a fun stop for any vacationer. Find out why the museum should be on your list of attractions in Melbourne, FL.

What is the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum?

The Liberty Bell Memorial Museum is a unique attraction. Although the original Liberty Bell is located in Philadelphia, that’s not the only place you can see the historical icon. An exact replica of the bell is on display at this museum in Melbourne. The replica bell was given by the South Brevard Public School system in 1976. It weighs approximately one ton.

There are other artifacts on display at the museum. Both American and Floridan artifacts can also be found at the museum. It’s a place to go to learn about the history of the country and to honor America.

Your entrance to the museum is free. With your entrance, you get access to the rotunda. This part of the museum shows milestones in the country’s history. Additionally, there are exhibits that show the pre-revolutionary history of Florida. You can even see some objects from old forts.

Another area of the museum is known as Freedom Hall. This portion of the museum is a recent addition. It was built in 2005 and is a tribute to the members of the U.S.

The History of the Museum

The Liberty Bell Memorial Museum came to life when several Melbourne business owners discussed having a place that reminded the local community of America’s heritage.

If you’re interested in seeing it for yourself, be sure to visit on your Melbourne vacation. Contact us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn and book your room today.

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