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Attractions in Melbourne, FL: The Sea Turtle Preservation Society

Sea Turtle

There are several exciting attractions in Melbourne, FL, and one such attraction is the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. Whether you’re an avid animal-lover or you just enjoy learning about nature, you’ll enjoy the center. Find out everything you should know about visiting.

About the Sea Turtle Preservation Society

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society is a facility and organization dedicated to maintaining the sea turtle population. They aim to prevent the population from declining, in addition to educating individuals about Melbourne Beach’s sea turtles.

At the facility, you can visit the sea turtle house. There are displays that teach you about sea turtles and ways in which you can protect them. You’ll learn about common causes of habitat destruction and the dangers of beach lighting. Through education, the facility spreads awareness about sea turtles and gives you a memorable experience.

Additionally, they have sea turtle merchandise that makes for great souvenirs. The money you spend on the merchandise goes towards saving the animals. With the funding, the organization is able to rescue hatchlings and adult sea turtles, and then transport them to rehabilitation facilities.

The organization does nest surveys and has regular activities. For instance, they hold a monthly beach clean-up. If you’re on vacation in Melbourne during one of their events, you should consider participating.

Enjoying Attractions in Melbourne, FL

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