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Celebrities in Melbourne, FL

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Jim Morrison

Celebrities in Melbourne, FL

If you’ve ever been to Melbourne, you know that it’s a beautiful place. And so, it might not surprise you to hear that there are some celebrities in Melbourne, FL. Find out about the three most famous people in the city.

1. Jim Morrison

The lead singer of the Doors may be the most famous celebrity in Melbourne. In the 1960’s, the Doors became a household name. They were one of the most popular rock bands in that time. Jim Morrison led the band and was loved for his lively performances.

Although Morrison passed away decades ago in Paris, he is still very much a part of Melbourne. He grew up in the city, and you can still see his childhood home there.

2. Kate Upton

A famous actress and model, Kate Upton first became popular when she appeared in a 2011 issue of Sports Illustrated. Her list of accomplishments includes being ranked in Maxim magazine as a top 100 model. After rising to fame in modeling, she appeared in several movies. Although Upton was born in Michigan, she grew up in Melbourne.

3. The Melbourne Man

This is one of the celebrities in Melbourne, FL of which you might not be aware. In the early 1920s, geologists found a set of human bones near Melbourne. But they weren’t just any bones. They were bones from as early as 20,000 years ago. He’s a true celebrity for his archeological significance.

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