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Cruising Out of Melbourne, FL

Updated: Dec 17, 2020


Every year, there are thousands of cruise ships that depart from Florida. Many of those cruises depart from Cape Canaveral. If you happen to be cruising out of that port, then Melbourne, FL is the perfect stop before your cruise. Here are a few things that you should know about cruising out of Melbourne, FL.

1. It’s a close drive

Although most cruises depart from Cape Canaveral and not Melbourne, the drive is a short one. You can get to the port via a 30 minute drive. However, a car isn’t your only means of transportation. You can also rely on a bus or train to get the port. If you’re staying in Melbourne, getting to the cruise port is easy.

2. You can stay busy

Often, the anticipation of your cruise makes it hard to focus. Staying in Melbourne, FL takes your mind off of things. When you stay in the area, you get access to many different attractions. You can head to the zoo, go to the mall, or visit any of the other attractions. Before you head off on your cruise, you can enjoy yourself. It’s a great way to explore one of Florida’s most exciting cities.

3. You can prepare for your cruise

If you’re flying into Melbourne for your cruise, then you might not have all of your cruising necessities. With the baggage limitations involved with flying, you might not have everything that you need for your cruise. There are plenty of places for shopping in Melbourne. Before your cruise, buy everything that you need.

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