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Events in Melbourne, FL: Downtown Melbourne Botanical Festival

If you love nature or plants, you’ll enjoy one of the upcoming events in Melbourne, FL. In March, the Downtown Melbourne Botanical Festival will take place in Historic Downtown. The event will allow you to get in touch with nature and find out how Florida flora differs from that of the rest of the country.

About the Downtown Melbourne Botanical Festival

This event is not new to the city of Melbourne. Rather, it’s been going on for four years. This year marks the fourth consecutive year of the festival.

This year’s event kicks off on Saturday, March 7th at 8am. Things don’t wrap up until 4pm, so you can have a full day of fun. Everything takes place in the parking lot located in front of the 1900 building on Harbor City Boulevard.

When you attend the event, you’ll find plant and garden vendors selling trees, plants, and yard decor. There will be a wide variety of greenery, so be ready to take it all in. Even if you don’t plan on making a purchase, you can learn some interesting information about the plants.

Last year, the Marine Resources Council had a rain barrel workshop at the event. Participants learned how they can benefit from collecting rainwater and how it impacts the local lagoon. They also learned how to build their own rain barrel.

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