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Holiday Events in Melbourne, FL: A Magical Cirque Christmas

On Tuesday December 3rd, Melbourne will be home to an exciting holiday event. A Magical Cirque Christmas will take place in the King Center for the Performing Arts. Learn more about the show and what you can expect to see when you attend.

What is a Magical Cirque Christmas?

A Magical Cirque Christmas is a show produced by the same people who created the popular Broadway show called “The Illusionists.” This production was made to celebrate the holidays with talented cirque artists from around the world. As they perform, holiday music will be performed by a live orchestra. Singer Therese Curatolo will be doing the vocals of the performance.

If you’ve never seen a cirque act, you’re in for a treat. Oleksiy “Alex” Mruz will be balancing on a moving surface and bending his body in ways other human beings can’t. Meanwhile, the world-champion juggler Yusaku-Mochizuki will be astounding the audience. Rachel Salzman will perform an unforgettable wheel dance, and a female trapeze team will be soaring through the sky.

The whole event will be hosted by John Archer, a world-famous comedy magician. For 17 years, he’s been performing in front of audiences. Thanks to his hosting and some incredible performances, the event will be like no other.

The performance begins at 7:30pm on Tuesday, December 3rd. If you want tickets, be sure to purchase them in advance. You never know when they will sell out.

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