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Popular Antique Shop in Melbourne, FL Highlights Customer Service

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Antique Shops In Melbourne, FL

Popular Antique Shop in Melbourne, FL Highlights Customer Service

If you’re looking for an antique shop in Melbourne, FL, you’re in luck. Lisa and Henryk Oleander had a passion for antiques, and decided to turn that passion into a profession. They started out by working at various antique malls and vintage shops. They also had dealerships in several antique malls. In fact, they helped three antique malls start up their businesses. On top of their experience in the field, they also had years of experience managing businesses.

And so, in 2014, the couple decided to build their own antique mall. But they didn’t want their mall to be the same as all the others. They chose the location carefully, and found the perfect spot. Under a mile from the Indian River, the spot was ideal in many ways. It was convenient for customers to access, had a great layout for loading merchandise, and was in a busy shopping center.

Today, the shop is known as the Indian River Antique Mall. The owners pride themselves on having excellent customer service and affordable prices. They draw in tourists and locals with their unique offerings.

Visiting Antique Shops in Melbourne

While you’re on vacation, you should consider visiting this or another one of the antique shops in Melbourne, FL. It’s an opportunity to do something different and check out a little bit of history. Whether you love antiques or just want to do some window shopping, the experience can be fun.

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