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The Top Three Biking Trails in Melbourne, FL

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

If you’re hoping to do some cycling in Melbourne, FL, then you’re in luck. There are several great biking trails in the Space Coast. Find out which trails you should check out.

1.Turkey Creek Bike Trail

This bike trail is part of the Malabar Scrub Sanctuary system of trails. The mountain bike paths offer about six miles of tough trails. If you’re a beginner or intermediate rider, then you’ll be able to handle the trails. They aren’t steep and they don’t offer many obstacles. However, you do need to be on the lookout for roots and branches.

2. A1A to Wabasso

If you’re more interested in riding a road bike than a mountain bike, then the A1A to Wabasso trail is perfect for you. The scenery along A1A is picturesque. Although the road is a main road, the traffic is limited. As a well-maintained road, there are few bumps and obstacles. You can get a smooth ride with a beautiful view. If you park at the Barrier Island Sanctuary, you can head north. The ride to Wabasso is about 20 minutes roundtrip.

3. Grapefruit Trails

Trail riders who have all of the basics can enjoy the Grapefruit Trails system. It’s the perfect place to advance to the next riding level. There are many elevation changes and jumps. There are also many technical features.

BMX bikes or mountain bikes are appropriate for these trails. In some areas, you’ll come across mud. However, there is a variety of terrain types.

Biking Trails in Melbourne, FL

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