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Three Must-Have Amenities for Your Hotel in Melbourne, FL

If you’re planning on staying in a hotel in Melbourne, FL, you have many options. However, not all of those options come with the same amenities. Before you book your room, be sure to stay in a hotel that has everything you need to be comfortable and productive. Check out the three must-have amenities for your Melbourne hotel.

1. Heated Pool

Even in the winter, you might find yourself hoping to take a dip in the pool. The winter can bring warm temperatures, but you don’t want to cool off in an unheated pool. When you stay in a place that has a heated pool, you can take advantage of the great weather year-round. Whether it’s the middle of August or the end of December, you may be able to enjoy a swim.

2. Complimentary Hot Breakfast

Whether you’re in the city for business or pleasure, you need energy to kick off your day. This means being able to enjoy a hot meal. If a hotel offers a complimentary hot breakfast, you have no excuse not to start the day on the right foot. You can eat enough to keep yourself happy and productive for hours.

3. Free Fiber Optic Wi-Fi

Our world revolves around Wi-Fi. Whether you need it to download a video for your children to watch or send an email to your employer, Wi-Fi could be a convenience or even a necessity. But not all hotels offer free Wi-Fi, espec

The Melbourne All Suites Inn has everything you need to enjoy your stay. Call us today and reserve your room.

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