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Tips for Avoiding Back Pain During Your Melbourne Vacation

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

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Tips for Avoiding Back Pain During Your Melbourne Vacation

While vacations are fun, they can also be painful. Carrying around a backpack or a toddler can do a number on your back. With these tips, you can prevent back and neck pain while you’re on your Melbourne vacation.

1. Mind Your Posture

While you travel, be aware of your posture. As you walk around, try to keep your spine straight. Avoid slouching and keep your neck looking forward. This is especially important when you are carrying a child or wearing a backpack.

2. Don’t Overstuff Your Backpack

When you plan on spending the day exploring Melbourne, you probably plan on packing many items. You might want water bottles, snacks, and towels. Although you might be eager to pack a lot in your backpack, you should avoid doing so. This can place undue stress on your back and neck.

To compensate, you can pack several different bags. Ask everyone to contribute and carry a small bag or backpack. If yours starts feeling too heavy, you can ask to switch with your partner. Another option is to bring enough water and snacks for a half-day of exploring. Then, head back to the hotel and restock.

3. Wear Your Backpack Properly

It’s also important that you wear your backpack properly. If you have a waist strap, use it. You should also avoid keeping your shoulder straps too loose. The same is true of baby-wearing. If you use a baby or toddler carrier, learn how to wear it the right way.

When your back and neck ache, you can’t enjoy your vacation. Follow these tips and stay with us at the Melbourne All Suites Inn to increase your comfort. Call us today and book your room.

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