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Ways to Celebrate Doggy Date Night On The Space Coast

Dog with Starbucks for Doggy Date Night

Ways to Celebrate Doggy Date Night On The Space Coast

February 3rd is national Doggy Date Night! For anyone unfamiliar with the holiday, it's a day dedicated to spending time and making memories with your favorite four-legged friend. A day for new adventures and exploring places you and your dog have never been together.

There’s no better place to spend Doggy Date Night than on the Space Coast of Florida! With so many dog-friendly places in the area, you’ll have no trouble planning an exciting day for you and your doggy date.

The Beach

Enjoy the sand and surf with your furry buddy at one of the local dog-friendly beaches!

Canova Dog Beach is just north of Melbourne Beach and Brevard’s only dedicated dog beach. The beach has water fountains to keep Fido well-hydrated and outdoor showers to clean off after a day of romping in the sand.

Cocoa Beach also allows dogs between 4th Street and Murkshe Park although dog-friendly times are restricted to 6 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 7 pm.

Both beaches require dogs to be on leashes and for owners to pick up after them.

Dog Park Picnic

Make it a group date! Bring your dog to one of the many dog parks here on the space coast where they’re free to fetch off-leash and play around with other dogs.

Some of the best dog parks on the space coast are Pieloch Dog Park, Wickham Dog Park, Palm Bay Regional Dog Park, Lori Wilson Park, Satellite Beach Dog Park, and Sandpoint Dog Park.

Be sure to bring a frisbee or ball to work up an appetite, and then treat them to a picnic of their favorite foods. Your dog will appreciate the combination!

Go for a Hike

Get back to nature with your pup by taking him on a hike. It's a great way to help you both clear your minds and get some exercise—not to mention all the smells your buddy will get to enjoy along the trails!

For a quick hike with trails less than 2 miles long, check out Symerna Dunes Park, Canaveral National Seashore, and Lake Ashby Park.

If you’re looking for a longer trek, the 4.5-mile trail at Lake Monroe offers a beautiful walk around the lake.

All trails are leash only, and there may not be water along the way. Be sure to bring some along for both of you.

Go on a Photography Walk

Person taking photo of puppy for doggy date night ideas

If you’ve wanted some more pictures of your four-legged friend enjoying herself, dedicating part of your date to a photo walk will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Pick out a place where you know you’ll be able to capture some great shots of your dog having a great time. Between the beaches, parks, and trails we’ve mentioned, there’s no shortage of scenic spots for a photo shoot.

If you have a friend who’s able to meet up with you on this part of your date, you can pass the camera off to them so you’ll have pictures of you and your dog having fun together!

Doggy Yoga

Love yoga? Why not share a session with your furry buddy? Get a spare yoga mat, put on some meditation music, and share a relaxing and restorative yoga session.

If you want some advice on how to introduce your dog to the world of yoga, you can check out this book on dog yoga. You never know. Your dog might be able to teach you a thing or two. After all, they did invent downward dog!

Buy a Gift

Everybody loves a gift and dogs are no exception. Is there a treat that they love the most? Or, maybe they might like a new chew toy? You can surprise them with something you think they’ll like or take them to the pet store and let them decide for themselves!

Petco and Puppies Plus are conveniently located close together here in Melbourne. Stop in for a gift as you make your way through your Doggy Date Night activities.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

This could be a very creative way to share those gifts with your best bud! It will require you to do a bit of work up front, but the effort will be worth it.

Just imagine how excited your dog will be as you lead them around, uncovering treat after treat!

Girl and puppy for doggy date night

Go out for Dinner

No date night would be complete without a bite to eat! Luckily, around here, there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants for you to choose.

El Chico is a local doggy favorite here in Melbourne that doesn’t just allow dogs to enter, they encourage it! Since doggy date night falls on a Wednesday, it coincides with their weekly “Woof Wednesdays” event. For every dog that comes into Chicos on Woof Wednesday, a donation is made to a local rescue. This is a great way to enjoy a delicious meal with your pup and help out other dogs in need.

Some other dog-friendly restaurants in the area include Outriggers Bar and Grill, Coasters, Lou’s Filling Station, Harbor City Diner, and Nomad Cafe.

Sample Local Beer

Looking for a quick drink with your buddy? Why not stop in at the Intracoastal Brewing Company! They have an outdoor beer garden that allows dogs on leashes.

Now you can sample some of the best local beer on the Space Coast while your best buddy keeps you company!

Spend the Night

Pamper your dog with a night’s stay at The Melbourne All Suites Inn, the only dog-friendly hotel in Melbourne!

Hang out by the heated pool and enjoy a two-room suite complete with two bathrooms, two queen beds, new pull-out sofas, kitchenettes with a full-sized fridge, dining table, and two Smart TVs. All this is for the price of what you’d typically pay for a single room.

We also have complimentary treats for all of our four-legged guests! So, if you’re making the trip to the space coast to spend some quality time with your pup for doggy date night, there’s no better option than the Melbourne All Suites Inn.

Watch a Dog Movie Together

To finish off your Doggy Date Night, why not snuggle up in your Melbourne All Suites room and watch a dog movie together?

If you don’t already have a favorite doggy flick, here’s a list of some of the best dog movies of all time to help you make your choice.

Enjoy Your Doggy Date Night.

Pet-friendly hotel Melbourne All Suites Inn

We know how important your dog is. You want to give them the best life possible every day, but some days you want to go above and beyond. Doggy Date Night is the perfect opportunity to dedicate time to your best bud that will show them just how much they mean to you.

We hope you enjoy your doggy date here on the Space Coast and look forward to helping you enjoy the day in anyway we can!

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