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What to Expect from an Airboat Ride in Melbourne Fl

One of the best ways to explore the waterways in and around Melbourne is to take an airboat ride. Learn more about what you should expect from an airboat ride in Melbourne, FL.

Wildlife Sightings


The main draw of an airboat ride is the wildlife. As you go through the waterways, you can see a variety of wildlife that you may not find anywhere else. For instance, there are alligators, birds, and maybe even some snakes hanging out in the mangroves. You can never be sure what animals you might find on your tour. The guide will point out interesting sites as you speed through the water. Typically, they know where to go for the best sightings.


Who doesn't want a little adventure on their Melbourne vacation? Although there are several ways in which you can get in your thrills, an airboat ride is one of the most unique. It's extremely safe but still gives you an adrenaline rush.


Of course, you probably have some idea of the noise involved in an airboat ride. The attraction certainly isn't quiet, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable.

When you set foot on the boat, you'll be given ear protection. This limits the noise and makes for a more pleasant experience. It's also worth noting that the noise isn't jarring or obnoxious - it's almost soothing.

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